About The Show

Follow Linn Lorkin down the streets of 80s New York as she takes the city's night-spots by storm. From rusty SoHo to ritzy Park Avenue here are her heady adventures in the Big Apple told in stand-up style and laced with quirky, catchy, cool songs, delivered from a piano-stool.

Teaser - Hey Piano Bar Lady


"A fearless examination of the guts, self-knowledge and sheer stamina which enable the triumphant spirit of the creative artist to soar ... She touches the hearts of her audience."
NiteLifeExchange New York

"Fabulous style... a cross between Victoria Wood and Edith Piaf." <
Musical Theatre Matters, Edinburgh

"A sparkling combination: beautiful singing, spirited story-telling and dazzling jazz piano-playing"
Magee Hickey, WCBS-TV, New York

"...deliciously tangled rhymes and dizzying musical twists ... she's a cultural treasure"
William Dart, NZ Listener